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May 25, 2012
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Chapter 5: Sparks


I lay on the firm ground and stare up at the twinkling stars. Just think Eleanor, by this time tomorrow we will have killed 12, and without her we won't be needing Lover Boy anymore, so we can kill him too. Tomorrow is going to be a fun day. But until then you should get your beauty rest. Not that you need it.

I shift uncomfortably on the hard ground. I glance over to see Marvel, Glimmer, Clove, and Lover Boy, all sleeping comfortably. I groan as yet another rock manages to prod me in the back.

"Can't sleep?" asks Cato, who had taken first watch.

"No," I reply, "I guess I'm just not used to it yet."

"Yeah," he replies blankly.

We sit in silence for a few minutes. I sit and stare at the fire, my eyes following the waves of radiation and heat. Cato sticks the end of his sword in the fire, making it red hot, before extinguishing it in the dirt with a wsss sound. After a few minutes of this, he speaks up.

"What's it like back in Four?" he asks.

I pause, pondering the question for a moment.

"It's nice there, I guess. The beach is pretty if you like that sort of thing." I wasn't exactly in the mood to open myself up to him.

He simply nods, twisting his sword around in his hands absentmindedly.

"What about your family?" he asks me.

"My father is the mayor of District Four," I reply. "He's pretty cool, he's just always busy. My parents are divorced. My mom left when I was little, she lives with her new husband and kids now," I say, surprised by how much I have told Cato.

Cato just stares at me silently. I look away from him to try to make the situation less awkward. We sit in silence again, and I am about to ask something, when a rustling close stops me.

Cato and I both turn to see that it is nothing more than Marvel, shifting from his place on the ground in his sleep, getting rather close to Cato's district partner, his hand brushing hers, though she doesn't wake or move. Cato looks distastefully at them, then turns back to the fire, stabbing the scorched logs with his sword.

"Oh no. Is Mr. Big, Tough, and Mighty a wittle jeawous?" I ask mockingly.

He looks at me, smiling faintly. "I just don't like him, that's all."

"So what, you and your little parter are the other star crossed lovers?"  

"Oh God no." He smiles a bit, but in a strange way. Nevertheless, a bit of relief passes over me.

"Well, good." Jesus Christ, Eleanor. Why the hell did you say that?

He turns his attention back to me, smiling a little more. "Go on, get some rest. We have her to kill in the morning," he says, gesturing up towards the District 12 girl, fast asleep in her tree. He doesn't sound too enthusiastic, but I listen and lay down, feeling slightly more tired than I previously thought.
I can still hear him prodding the fire, and eventually, talking.

"Clove, come on, wake up. Your shift." I hear him roll over and adjust a little before his deep, heavy breathing begins to echo through the darkness. My eyes can just barely keep themselves open.
As I drift off to sleep, dreams of swords and green eyes consume my thoughts.


I am so incredibly exhausted. I stare into the firelight, making my eyes sting. I figure that this might help me wake up a bit, but I think it is only making it worse.

I look up at the tree, where the District 12 girl sleeps, injured, but resting. For a moment I envy her, before remembering that we will kill her in the morning.

If only I could stop it. But it has to happen. They are all going to die. All because I'm here.

I hear a slight rustling, then Marvel sits up. He looks dazed, but becomes more aware when he sees me awake. "Hey."


"I thought Cato had the first watch tonight."

"He did. All ten minutes of it," I say tiredly.

"Oh," he responds. "Well, I'll stay up for a bit. To keep you company."


I stare as glowing embers fly up to the sky from the fire. They look like tiny stars, straining up toward the heavens where they belong, yet before they can ever reach their destination, they are gone in a cool night breeze.

I can feel Marvel's gaze on me and turn to face him. His brown eyes look like dark gemstones in the firelight. We sit like this for a moment, just staring, lost in the darkness of the arena with only each other to look to.

Nervously, he looks away and breaks the silence. "So..., what's your family like?"

I smile at him, then look down sadly as I remember my own story. "My mom and dad are gone. Dead."

"I'm... I'm so sorry."   Yeah, me too. He's kind enought to not ask why, and there is a moment of awkward silence before he speaks up again. "Wait, so, you live all by yourself?"

"No. I have an older brother. Carver. He's...he's an artist." Only, he's much more than that. So much more.

"That's cool. I always wanted a brother." He smiles weakly at me.

"You have any sisters?"

"Nope. Just me, my mom and dad. He runs the head jewelry corporation back home."

Luxuries. That's right. District 1 is luxuries. "Must be interesting."

"Yeah, I guess" His voice trails off. He looks aways and speaks to the fire as he continues. "So you and that Cato kid, you know each other, from back home?"

"Yeah, he was my best friend back in Two." Marvel chuckles slightly at this.

"What?" I ask, smiling.

He glances upward, his mouth curved in a slight smile. "I don't know. Pretty girl like you, a guy like him... guess I figured..."

"What? That we were together? Already tried that, didn't work. " I look back to him and meet his gaze. His ember eyes invite me to say more. "What about you? You got a girl back home?"

He shakes his head sadly. "Nah. Most girls in One try to avoid me at all cost. I'm not exaclty District 1's most desired." Though he smiles slightly, the hurt in his voice echos through the dark night. I sit, unsure of how to respond.

Even with the fire, it's freezing and I shiver slightly, and it does not go unnoticed by Marvel. He reaches in to one of the backpacks we got from the Cornucopia and digs around a bit before pulling out another jacket, similar to the ones we have on. "A few of the bags have extras in them. Here, take it."

He throws me the jacket, which I catch in my arms. As I put it on, he speaks up. "You go ahead and get some rest. I'll take next watch."

"You sure?"


"Thank you."

I roll over on my side, to where I can still see him. He smiles again, and I close my eyes.

Great. One more person that I dread watching die.
First chapter: [link]
Previous chapter: [link]

We left out Katniss' point of view on purpose, since the first few chapters will follow along directly with the books, but in the later chapters, where things begin to change, she will be included in it, along with more from Foxface.

Eleanor's parts written by: :iconponiesaremypassion:
Clove's parts written by: Me! :iconcrooked-letters:

Again, this is just more of a filler chapter, but the next one is going to be more exciting and stuff. So please don't get bored and leave. That would make me ever so sad.

For those who don't know:
-Eleanor is the girl from District 4, mentioned in the books as allying with the Careers.

Any other questions, please just ask.

Your feedback, whether good or bad, is very much appreciated.
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